Saturday, June 5, 2010

Jordelle Josh and Michael

Tasha Adam Michael and Jordelle

Shelby Prom 2009

Shelby went to prom with Nathan a friend of hers, her best friend Olivia and Ryan. They had a stretch limo and had a fantastic time.

Monday, January 5, 2009



On Saturday we went to Universal Studios. These are my family members and I. This is a cool car on display there. The first thing we did was we went to the Terminator 2 3-d show. There is a bad guy that is trying to take over the world. The Terminator is a warrior and his job is to take care of John. He went to destroy the company called Skynet to save the world. They destroyed Skynet but it was a tough job to do. They saved the world.

Shelby Parker and
I got to meet Prince Caspian from the movie Chronicals of Narnia Prince Caspian. He asked us where the Royal Forester family was from. I said Royal City. He talked softly and quietly and asked is gold the color of your family crest? We said black and gold. After we met him we saw a little show about the movie and how they made it.

This is a meeting place that we usually meet for lunch by the ride called Star Tours. When we took this picture it was time to close. The Star Tours ride is when you get in a vehicle like you are going on a tour of a galaxy. The host is a new begginer robot driver that gets lost and gets into a war with other space fighters. When we are on our way back we get into an astroid storm. But we make it through safe. Then when we come into land we just about crash but we don't. This ride is based on Star Wars. It was my best day in Orlando.

This is Kelton and I in front of Mr. Potato Head. We are waiting in line to go on the Toy Story Mania ride. On the ride we pulled on a cannon like thing and shot at all kinds of targets. It was really fun.


I videoed the Osborne Family Spectale of lights on my moms camera. I like the lights when they dance. The music is awesome and really cool. At the begining they tell a story about the Osborne family and how they started putting the lights up. Then how Disney got the lights from the Osborne Family.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

These Lights were at Disneys Hollywood Studios. They are called the Osborne Spectale of Lights. They are beautiful. Music plays and the lights dance. They also have snow(little bubbles) that falls so it really
seems like Christmas but it is 75 degrees. There were glasses like you wear for 3-d show but it gave a different look. The pictures that are different I put the glasses in front of my camera lense and got this effect. I love it.


This is one of the shows we saw in Orlando. It is called the Blue Man Group.
After the show I was playing with a ball that I strapped to my arm so it would return to me when I threw it. I was in the foyer area where the Blue Man Group was
taking pictures with the audience. One of the Blue Men spotted the ball I was playing with.
He watched me play with it then I gave it to him. One of the other Blue Men grabbed
a garbage can nearby and pushed it close enough to be a basket. Then the Blue Man with
the ball started trying to throw it in the garbage but he kept missing. Everytime he missed
with the ball the one with the garbage can pushed it closer so he could help him make it.
They didn't talk at all so it was all done by facial expressions. Finally the guy with the ball
made it in the garbage. He unstrapped it and threw the rest of it in the garbage. The other
Blue Man tipped the garbage over to me so I could get the ball out. Their show was really
random and harilous. If you ever get the chance to see it I would reccomend it.

Friday, January 2, 2009

These are my family members and me standing in front of the Blue Man Group
sign inbetween Islands of Adventure and Univesal Studios. We saw their show
on Thursday night. It was really funny. They played the drums with liquid
colors on the drums in black lights. It looked really cool. They had a band
playing on top of the stage. The band was really good. One of the blue men
dumped Captain Crunch cereal on his face trying to eat it. It stuck to his
blue face. I laughed and laughed. One stuffed 20 big marshmellows in his
mouth then he spit them out into a tower. I can't believe he fit that many
marshmellows in his mouth. I would really like to see them again.

Help!!My family is trying to feed me to a T-Rex!!!! What do I do? I am
out of options. Scream!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I am going to die. Looks
pretty real huh? There are 150 life size dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. This is
one of them. They make them look really scarey huh? It was still alot of fun.
Boy did his breathe stink.
Wow, what a splash. We just dropped around 90ft. This ride is called
Jurassic Park. You can see Shelby in the front row.
She has a green shirt on. I am 2 rows back. I didn't want to get wet.
This ride is alot like the movie. There are plenty of dinosaurs during
the ride. There is a T-Rex at the end. Just before you drop over the edge
you see him. What a shock.

This is Dr Seuss Land. Its called Grinchmas at Christmas time. It is decorated like
Whoville. There are Christmas lights and decorations everywhere. Some of the rides
are: The Cat in the Hat, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, a train ride and a
Green Eggs and Ham place to eat.

This is Parker, my dad and I going on a ride called Storm. My dad loves this ride.
Can you tell? It spins around and
around when you go in a circle. This is part of the X-men.
This is a really fun ride. I go on this ride because I am too young to go on The Hulk.
This ride is right by The Hulk so I when my family goes on it I go on the Storm.

This ride is called The Hulk. It is totally awesome. This is my favorite ride
in Islands of Adventure. But not for my dad. It is the total opposite for him.
Last year my two brother in laws had to grab him and help him on. This year
he came on all by himself. When we didn't expect it. We were so surprised. He is the second
from the left in the green shirt. I am second from the right, by my sister Shelby.
My brother Shadd is on the far left with his hands up. This ride shoots out a tunnel at
60mph and does a barrel roll. I yell the whole time because it is so fun. Shelby
and I went around and road it again.
What a blast.
Wish you were here.

The Spiderman ride is one of my favorite rides.
You get in a special designed car that does cool things.
Doctor Octopus designed an antigravity gun that
he picked our car up with. Spiderman jumps on the
front of the car. That kind of startled me. One of the
enemies jumped on the car too. One of the legs
of Doctor Octopus tried to grab Spiderman. Spiderman
shot the leg with his web it his so hard that
the leg hit Green Goblin in the face.
In the end
Spiderman saved the day.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

First Weekend in Florida

Preston- This was the best time ever. I was so excited to go on the wild roller coaster rides. I'm excited to spend time with my family.

Parker- This is my family members and we're posing with Wolvering from X-Men. The X-Men are in Islands of Adventure. We had a blast, wish you were here.

Kelton- This is some of our family members and we're about to go to Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios. We the Blue Man Group, it was really funny. We had lots of fun at Islands of Adventure.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

swimming in Dec in Orlando

Beautiful Christmas tree by the pool

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Florida here we come.